Clif Hardin Music

Choral Arrangements and Compositions

by Clif Hardin

All works are SATB, unless listed otherwise

Walton Music, a division of GIA Publications | Distributed by Hal Leonard

Past Three O'Clock PDFOrder InfoMP3
Sweet Vale of Avoca PDFOrder InfoMP3

Pavane Publishing | Distributed by Hal Leonard

Personent Hodie PDFOrder InfoMP3

Kjos Music Company | Distributed by Hal Leonard

Over My Head PDFOrder InfoMP3
There Is More Love Somewhere PDFOrder InfoMP3

National/Emerson Bock | Distributed by Hal Leonard

Bright Morning Stars PDFOrder InfoMP3
Come Into This Place PDFOrder InfoMP3
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers PDFOrder Info
Yonder Come Day PDFOrder InfoMP3

Yelton Rhodes Music

Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia PDFOrder InfoMP3
Be Ours a Religion PDFOrder Info
The Beatitudes PDFOrder InfoMP3
Blessing PDFOrder Info
Celebrate (SSA) PDFOrder Info
Deep Peace PDFOrder InfoMP3
For So the Children Come PDFOrder Info
Healing Waters PDFOrder InfoMP3
i thank you God PDFOrder Info
In Time of Silver Rain PDFOrder Info
Let Justice Roll Down PDFOrder Info
Life Has Loveliness to Sell PDFOrder InfoMP3
Look to This Day PDFOrder InfoMP3
Love is the Doctrine of This Church PDFOrder Info
Loveliest of Trees PDFOrder InfoMP3
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (SSA) PDFOrder Info
May Love Be Your Guide PDFOrder InfoMP3
Seize on Today PDFOrder InfoMP3
Song of the Open Road PDFOrder InfoMP3
Spirit of Life PDFOrder Info
Welcome, Welcome PDFOrder InfoMP3
The Work of Christmas PDFOrder Info

Self-Published Works

Works listed below can be purchased for $1.00 per copy that you make.

Abide With Me PDFPurchase
Adore Te Devote/For the Beauty of the Earth PDFPurchase
All Be Merry PDFPurchase
All Creatures of the Earth and Sky PDFPurchase
All God's Children PDFPurchaseMP3
Alleluia PDFPurchaseMP3
Amazing Grace (SSA) PDFPurchase
Auld Lang Syne PDFPurchase
Becoming PDFPurchase
Bells in the High Tower PDFPurchase
Come and Hear the Children Sing! PDFPurchase
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing PDFPurchase
Do You Hear? PDFPurchaseMP3
Dona Nobis Pacem PDFPurchase
For Justice Now PDFPurchase
For the Beauty of the Earth PDFPurchase
Four Chanukah Songs ( $3.00 per copy that you make ) Purchase
O Chanukah PDFPurchase
Y'vanim PDFPurchase
Hanarot Halalu PDFPurchase
Nër Li PDFPurchase
Go Tell It on the Mountain (SA) PDFPurchase
Go to the Shine PDFPurchaseMP3
Gracias Por El Amor PDFPurchase
How Can I Keep From Singing (SSA) PDFPurchase
I Will Bow and Be Simple PDFPurchase
In Wisdom's Lovely Pleasant Ways PDFPurchase
Kol Nidre PDFPurchase
Life's Sweet Refrain PDFPurchase
The Lone Wild Bird PDFPurchase
Love, Come Take Me Home PDFPurchase
Love Is (SA) PDFPurchase
Love Overflowing PDFPurchase
Make a Place for Joy PDFPurchase
Make Me an Instrument of Peace PDFPurchase
May Nothing Evil Cross This Door PDFPurchase
Metta Prayer PDFPurchase
Morning So Fair to See PDFPurchase
Mother to Son (solo) PDFPurchase
Move On to Tomorrow PDFPurchase
My Country ‘Tis of Thee PDFPurchase
O Spirit Sweet of Summertime PDFPurchase
Om - Veni Creator Spiritus PDFPurchase
Parting Glass PDFPurchase
Pass on the Light PDFPurchase
Ring Out, Wild Bells PDFPurchase
Simple Gifts (SSA) PDFPurchase
Sol Eclypsim PDFPurchase
This Is Our Promise PDFPurchase
This Little Light PDFPurchase
Turn Ye to Me PDFPurchase
Veni, Veni, Emanuel PDFPurchase
We Will Walk Together PDFPurchase
What Wondrous Love PDFPurchase
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby? (SA) PDFPurchase
When the Summer Sun is Shining PDFPurchase
Winter Nights PDFPurchase


Individual PDFs of movements may be purchased for $1.00 per photocopy that you make. You may purchase one perusal hard-copy of the complete Piano-Vocal score, but multiple copies of the Piano-Vocal score are not available at this time. To arrange for a performance, parts or orchestral score, contact Clif to negotiate terms.
Timor Mortis Conturbat Me PDFPurchaseMP3
Telos PDFPurchaseMP3
Dirge Without Music & When I Am Dead, My Dearest PDFPurchaseMP3
Holy Light PDFPurchaseMP3
Dirge Without Music PDFPurchaseMP3
Never More PDFPurchaseMP3
The First Day's Night Had Come PDFPurchaseMP3
To Everything There Is a Season PDFPurchaseMP3
Time & We Bereaved PDFPurchaseMP3
Threnody & Limitless PDFPurchaseMP3
Wherever You Go Now PDFPurchaseMP3
Piano-Vocal Score Purchase