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Carnegie Hall 2023!

Plans are underway to perform Clif’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall on May 29, 2023!

This concert will feature singers gathered from around the country plus full orchestra, conducted by Dr. Jennifer Rodgers.  It is sponsored by MidAmerica Productions 

To purchase a pdf or to license the photocopying of multiple scores, go to the choral page.

Clif is a composer, conductor and pianist living in the Washington, DC area. Along with his freelance work in theater, he has served as Director of Music at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation since 1983, where many of his arrangements and compositions were first performed.

Clif’s choral arrangements and anthems are published by Walton Music, Pavane Publishing, Kjos Music Company and Fred Bock Publishing Group. Many self-published choral and piano scores are also currently available. See the Choral Music and Piano Music links for more information.